Fetlar Green Transport

Fetlar Developments Ltd used LEADER funding to purchase an electric minibus with disabled access


Fetlar Developments Ltd is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status established by the community in 2008. In 2009 Fetlar Developments published their Development Plan setting out the key areas of concern and their vision for the future. To date the group have developed a number of projects including the Fetlar Green Transport project which received LEADER funding.


Fetlar Green Transport project was the first phase of the Fetlar Green Energy Scheme. The project saw the introduction of an Electric minibus with disabled access to provide a ‘dial-a-ride’ service on the island as well as being used to provide additional transport services. This includes taking people to the health centre, local events and activities as well as being available for hire by local organisations within Fetlar and the neighbouring islands.


Fetlar Green Transport grant £39,556 47.5%


The Fetlar Electric minibus started operation in July 2013 and has been found to be a great success.

The group have gone on to build a shed for the storage and Fetlar Wind has secured funding through a share offer to purchase and install 2x25kW C&F turbines. The Turbines were installed in December 2015 for further information please check out (http://www.fetlarwind.co.uk/)

Fetlar Developments Website www.fetlar.org

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