Shetland Moving Image Archive

Shetland Moving Image Archive Group were established to set up a film archive in Shetland. The Group set out to collect, clean, repair, preserve and digitise old film in a variety of formats. Once the films have been digitised the original can be stored in controlled conditions and the digital copy watched and distributed over and over again.


In March 2011 the Shetland LEADER LAG awarded funding of £27,555 45% of total project costs for phase 1 of establishing a moving image archive including the employment of a project development Manager.

During the duration of phase 1 of the project the group received training in different aspects of the archiving of film and developed a plan for the file format and storage of the digital films. In addition the group have had a number of public screenings to show off some of the films in the archive and raise awareness of the project.


The project is ongoing driven by volunteers with no paid staff, funding will be sought for new projects but the main archive has been established.

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