Shetland Skatepark

Shetland Skatepark Association used LEADER Fuding to build a Skatepark at the Knab in Lerwick


In 2003/04 the Association received funding for a feasibility study and to set out the design of the Skatepark. Over the next few years the group had a number of set-backs identifying a suitable site and raising the funds. The site at the Knab was finally agreed in 2011 and funding was finalised in 2013. Once everything was in place the group wasted no time and the project was officially opened in May 2014.Shetland Skatepark Association was formed in 2001, to provide the informal groups and individuals with an organisation and structure through which to develop their dream of a skatepark for Shetland. The facility will enable skateboarders and BMX riders to develop their skills in a safe and challenging environment.


LEADER Funding of £69,088.60 representing 35% of a total project cost of £197,636 was awarded to the project.


The Skatepark provides a safe but challenging environment in which people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can develop their skills and improve their physical activity, health and well being.

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